Commercial 3D-CGI

3D-CGI or ‘Three-Dimensional Computer-Generated Imaging’, to give it is full name, is an offshoot from the video games industry. It has grown in complexity and level of detail to rival still and video photography.

3D-CGI is now classed as a creative medium of its own.

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D&G Cleaning

One of the many usages for 3D-GCI is to make images of scenes that do not yet exist, allowing for the test marketing of ideas and concepts before committing to the expense of prototyping or manufacture.

Or we can simply create scenes in 3D-CGI that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or impossible to photograph conventionally.

Architectural imaging is another prime use for commercial 3D-CGI. It allows photorealistic images to be made long before building work commences.

Film & Television

Occasionally we can get distracted with forays into Video effects and 3D-Computer Generated Imaging for film and television. The odd documentary and an interactive games promo, a film, a music video or two…