Content is King!

Content is King! Good content is what attracts and holds a viewer.

Despite claims otherwise, content is not simply words.

Content is Graphics, Photography, Video, Audio as well as text. It must be the best that you can get. Above all, it should share a common design so that it works together as a whole.

Content is King and design books by Vid-FX+

The creative artists that make your content need some ‘content’ from you as a starting point. Yes, confusing, ‘content’ means different things to different people. Simply the better the quality of ‘information’ that you supply, the better your creative ‘content’ can be.

At Vid-FX+ we aim to help you produce the information, that you need. So you can get the best content for your advertising and marketing. Focusing on a simple clear message, rather than trying to cram everything in.

The aim is to get a dispassionate view of your business. To look at your business with fresh eyes and as a potential new customer. While Family and friends can be a source of opinion, their advice is not generally not dispassionate nor professional. Try to avoid what has worked for others, their businesses are not yours. They may be in different markets and have different priorities to you.

You need unique content for your business tailored to your target market. Leave it to those with commercial experience, to make a solution to reach the clients and customers that your existing marketing has not.

But content costs!

How much does it cost to produce good content? Ask instead how much will it cost if don’t.

Cutting corners shows, it can give the impression that you do not care enough about your business to invest your money in it. This often leads to viewers asking themselves “if you don’t have the confidence to invest in your business. Why should they trust you with their theirs?”

Remember, “Good content pays for itself.”