Design & Print Media

Design & Print

Modern advertising is not limited to online media alone. Design still has a crucial part to play. Good design can help your adverts span all media, Press, TV, Magazines. All manner of broadcast and distributed material can be used to reinforce your message.

It is an old maxim that you place your message where it can be found. This advice still holds good today. Print-based media is the original advertising medium. Yet even in this digital age, it should not be overlooked. It remains one of the most powerful and compelling mediums, that continues to impress consumers of all ages.

Vid-FX+ advertising offers specialised services to put your images out there in print media, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines or just revamping your business stationery.

But we must not forget the enduring print media that all businesses have to have if they are going got be effective in their networking and marketing. The humble business card, your logo and branded stationery.

Vid-FX+ has associates working across a wide variety of media, to build a full cross-media marketing solution.