Exclusive Guarantee

As a recently hired associate, I was asked to accompany some major client’s representatives to an advertising industry awards dinner. I questioned someone so newly appointed was being given such a role. It transpired that the senior executives anticipated spending a lot of time collecting awards. Hence the need to keep the clients accompanied. It was during this ceremony that one of the clients speculated. “Just how much of their advertising budget had been spent on winning these awards for the Agency?” This led me to the formulation of my agencies Exclusive Guarantee.

“At Vid-FX+ we do not make adverts to win awards, we make advertising to promote our clients’ businesses. Vid-FX+ does not enter our commercial work for awards. Our clients advertising is to promote their businesses, not ours. Any awards received by Vid-FX+ are award retrospectively, by acclimation of our peers, for creating successful advertising for our clients.”

Recognising that all advertising campaigns are highly sensitive and commercially secret. Neither Vid-FX+ nor our contractors, will discuss who we are working for, nor what we are doing for them. This information remains confidential until after an authorised release by the client. Or the advertising campaign has had its public launch. 

Where we do use some samples from previous advertising campaigns. It is only to demonstrate our, or our contractor’s abilities. We only aim show what we can do, often anonymised by using fictional businesses.

Even though it is detrimental to our business. We do not use logo walls of former clients. Nor do we attempt to suggest any endorsement of our businesses by yours.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley
Vid-FX+ Advertising