Advertising & Marketing Video.

Many people have preconceived ideas of what a video is or should be. It has titles, a beginning, a middle and an end.

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Sometimes it is exactly that, the same as we see on TV. And this is a powerful method to present a narrative.

Yet video is simply a system of recording, reproducing and broadcasting moving visual images. Which lends itself to all manner of magic. It provides remarkable scope to produce moving images, that have a real impact on the viewer, without the expense of sets, locations, cast or crew.

CGI & Video Effects create a medium that lends itself to effects-driven imagery more than any of the other media. Creating hi-impact moving images to promote your business and brand.

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That video is an extremely versatile medium for getting your message across is undeniable. It is so versatile that sometimes we can even dispense with the cameras!

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Today some video adverts don’t even look like adverts and they can be found in more places than just on television. Reviews, Tutorials, Explainer and How It’s Made videos make as great an impact, if not a greater, as the traditional television advert.
As a case in point, the example below was designed to be viewed on a mobile phone while on the golf course!

Above all things, quality counts. A professional presentation with full commercial quality production will never fail to impress. It demonstrates how much you value your customers and your commitment to your business.

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