Commercial Photography

In advertising, photography is the heart of the business. Despite the internet revolution and the advent of online video, Photographs remain the single most dominant advertising tool.

Photographs have the power to convey a message in any medium. Properly composed they require no interpretation, no translation nor additional equipment to view. Photographs can transcend language and culture.

Despite the growth of image libraries and cheap stock photos, there is still strong demand for bespoke images created for a specific task. They can better fulfil the requirements of commercial advertising than stock images. Bespoke photography avoids a conflict of interest, where multiple companies use the same stock image.

Extreme wide-angle photography.


Vid-FX+ has pioneered a number of commercial photographic techniques, including the use of extreme wide-angle photographic techniques.

The Teddy Bear Room
This technique mirrors the view of a human eye, where we can see a whole room, not just a narrow snapshot as produced by ordinary photographic techniques.

Honeymoon Suite

This technique is a significant improvement over using 360-degree panoramas, as it does not require additional plugins to work and can be used in other media such as print.

Executive SuiteThis form of extreme wide-angle photography practically eliminates the distortion that occurs with the use of a wide-angle lens.