Is cheap advertising worth the cost?

Everything has a cost, even ‘free’ has hidden costs.

Advertising is how a business is perceived. Get it right and turnover increases. Get it wrong and the brand suffers.

Customers are not idiots, they are exposed daily to some of the world’s best and most sophisticated adverting. Whatever advertising you produce, will be judged, by what your viewers see in their daily lives.

Don’t be tempted by DIY and Free offers. Do not be tempted to cut out the Ad-Agency and go straight to web designers videographers and photographers. Their job is to make you a good web site, video or photo. That’s all they can do, as they have to assume that you know what you are doing!

Advertising relies on an understanding of why people buy, where they go to buy and what influences them to make a buying decision. It is a fusion of art and science, based on research, study, and long years of experience.

Advertising is highly regulated. It is easy to fall foul of the rules, simply by not knowing what applies to you!

Take your advertising seriously, there are good reasons some companies pay millions on their advertising.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley Former owner, Vid-FX+Advertising